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“…beautiful. A total success. Patch of Land is like a warm embrace.”

– Vin Scelsa, Idiot’s Delight


"Here is a case of where less is more; the songs speak on their own with touches of mellotron and slide guitar that add the necessary color yet never distracts from the center stage of her songs and her haunting listen-to-it-all-day kind of voice."

- Bruce Warren, WXPN 


“Emily Arin is our newest crush to emerge from the venerable school of dusky, graceful songwriting. This plaintive voiced lady is a must-listen for fans of Sharon Van Etten, Laura Gibson and similar.”

– Alan Pedder, Wears the Trousers


“I think Emily Arin’s voice is just flat-out birdlike. If I could choose the soundtrack to my REM sleep, I think it would sound like this.”

– Kim Ruehl, No Depression


"This week our Album of the Week came from Emily Arin, the gorgeous voiced singer songwriter whose new album Patch of Land has been a favourite of ours since we heard early demos last year."

- Ruth Barnes, BBC 6 and The Other Woman Music


"If Emily Arin doesn’t someday become a household name, it will be a shame. She is an incredibly gifted songwriter..."

- The Late Greats Music Blog


"[Arin] counts Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, Hank Williams and Gillian Welch among her influences, but then, so do a lot of people who can’t write for sh*t. Arin has the goods, though...It’s a lovely introduction to a promising young performer."

- Listen, Damnit Blog


"Singer-songwriter Emily Arin is the most talented solo artist to emerge in Ithaca in recent years. [She] writes with profound emotional intimacy and honesty. Her talent is on par with early Gillian Welch, Jana Hunter and Nina Nastasia."

- Luke Z. Fenchel, The Ithaca Journal